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Forever in My Heart

It can be difficult to explain how intimate my relationship with my clients can be. Sometimes, it is for some of life’s biggest moments, like a portrait of a bride or groom. Other times, it’s a way to memorialize a beloved family member that has passed. I have been the first person they tell that they are expecting (for example a mom to be that had me create a piece of art to give her husband to tell him that they were pregnant). I have also been confided in when they have lost a child and miscarried.
Art is meant to make you feel something so it is, at least for me, inherently emotional. Sometimes my clients are surprised when they contact me about creating another piece and I remember their story or when I check in on them down the line that I think about them long after the piece is created and our project together is over. When I create these pieces capturing your big moments or favorite memories, they become part of my story too.
Mother’s Day brings up a whole host of emotions. For some, Mother’s Day is a beautiful celebration of the life they have created. For others, it is a reminder of what they have lost. Recently, I’ve received a number of messages from woman who have experienced loss and miscarriages. Part of me wishes I could take your pain away, which I, unfortunately, cannot do. Another part of me just wants to help you honor what you have experienced and been through.
This idea came to me in the middle of the night, so as my husband was snoozing away, I stayed up drawing this. I know there is not just one way to deal with the loss you’ve experienced and every woman will feel differently and grieve in her own way. Some women might not want to have a reminder. Others may find comfort (I’m not sure that’s the right word here) in having their experience acknowledged in some way.

I don’t want to make any assumptions about your feelings and how you process what you have experienced and for some this piece will feel “too soon” or not right for you. I totally understand and respect that. But for those of you who have yearned for a way to mark the roller coaster of emotions from creating and then losing a child, I hope this speaks to you.

I think for far too long woman haven’t felt either able to share what they’ve been through or didn’t know how to express it, which added to their suffering. I think for some of us, being open about our experiences is therapeutic and also can help bring us closer to others going through something similar who otherwise may have felt alone. This is my way of saying your are not alone. I am thinking of you.

- Prints are 8.5 in x 11 in. and are printed on high quality glossy card stock.
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- Each print comes in a clear protective sleeve with cardboard backing.
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