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“I dream my painting and then I paint my dream” ~ Vincent Van Gogh 🎨 💫

Ladie Katie is my DREAM. She is confident, kind, and creative. She lifts you up when you’re feeling down, she comforts you when you are in doubt and she’ll celebrate your victories with you as if they were her own, because she knows that a strong woman stands up for herself but a stronger woman stands up for everyone else too.

In my art, I created this new support system for myself to help me rediscover my strength and value. I have come to realize that this “inspirational team” I created is in fact ME. Ladie Katie is, therefore, the me I illustrated into existence. It is a journey but I am learning to ROOT FOR MYSELF again. And I WANT TO ROOT FOR YOU TOO. When you see one of my illustrations that looks just like your fluffy child, makes you chuckle out loud, reminds you of your best friend or inspires you to push yourself, that is me CHEERING YOU ON. I want to remind you to be YOUR OWN BIGGEST FAN. But, in the meantime, until you get the hang of it, I’ll be here, pom poms and all, rooting for you.

Through my legal career, advocating for children in child welfare, and my art (donating a percent of proceeds the SPCA to help animals in need and Court Appointed Special Advocates supporting children in foster care), I’m just trying to live my life’s mission of sprinkling a little hope and happiness into peoples’ hearts and homes.

I’m able to do this work with the love and support of my partner in crime, my rescue maltese/shih tzu (and the Ladie Katie Director of Fluffiness), Molly (@mollythemaltishit) and Australian import husband, Adam, at my studio in Redondo Beach, California.

You can either dream your life or you can LIVE YOUR DREAM and I’m choosing the latter. Who’s coming with me?

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