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YOU ARE A WEED. A big, beautiful, resistant weed.
People won’t always appreciate how hard you worked to get here. They won’t UNDERSTAND YOUR PURPOSE. While they may flatter those around you, even dote on them, they won’t nurture you and give you the attention or resources you need to thrive. But YOU WILL SURVIVE. Sometimes people might intentionally knock you down and try to keep you down. They may burry you and your accomplishments under cement to preserve their sense of what is beautiful, what is worthy, what belongs. And momentarily, it might work. You will get down. You will wonder why the hell you are fighting so hard to be somewhere where you don’t feel wanted or appreciated. You will sit in that for a breath. You will feel it.
Then you will pick yourself back up and remind yourself that you are a weed! You are RESILIENT. You will keep at it. And little by little, crack by crack, you will do what no one but you believed possible - YOU WILL BREAK THROUGH all the barriers they placed in your way and re-emerge even stronger. And - whether others can see your purpose, your value, your potential, or not - you will know that YOU DESERVE TO BE HERE.

This illustration was inspired by the weeds in my backyard that, after working out there this afternoon, I realized I actually have mad respect for 🌱🙌🏻

- Prints are 8.5 in x 11 in. and are printed on high quality glossy card stock.
- Please note that the "" watermark will not appear on the actual print.
- Each print comes in a clear protective sleeve with cardboard backing.
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